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ICH Institute (Institute of Communication and Health)




Prof. Peter J. Schulz (director)

Nadia Galli (administrative manager & scientific collaborator)

1 Assistant professor

1 Adjunct professor

6 Visiting professors

3 Senior researchers

5 Post-docs

9 PhD students

3 Scientific collaborators

2 Student assistants

1 Consultant

Contact Person for TT Projects

Nadia Galli mailto:nadia.galli@usi.ch


General Topics

  • Health Professionals - Patient Communication: exploring the theory and practice of health communication in medical encounter.
  • Health and the Media: focus on effective message dissemination for health promotion, disease prevention and health-related messages transmitted through mediated channels.
  • New Communication Technologies: theoretical and empirical investigations on the use and impact of the internet as an instrument for health communication.

Specific Competences

  • Content analysis of media messages
  • Surveys (representative cross-sectional or longitudinal, specific target groups, telephone, written, face to face and online surveys)
  • Focus groups
  • Qualitative interviews
  • Development and analysis of health promotion campaigns
  • Validation of measurement instruments
  • Development and analysis of online intruments for health information
  1. online patient education
  2. risk assesment tools
  3. online information tailoring
  4. e-Learning for health professionals and students

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